A Personal Service

Why rent through Jenkins:

  • We understand what Tenants want.
  • We listen and understand to your needs.
  • Our fees are generally lower, compared to most of our competitors
  • We understand that you need an Agent that is sympathetic to your needs when you need support and help.

What exactly are you loo­king f­­or?

  • To make your search easier, begin by ­listing what you want from your home. You could even divide it into must have and like to have. For example, you’ll probably have preferences about t­he location, transport links, whether you want an apartment or a house, the number of bedrooms and whether a garden is important.
  • All of these preferences must also fall within your budget. But remember also that there may be other factors e.g. a lower council tax.

Give references

  • We will need your contact details including mobile number and email address. It is also standard practice to provide identification with a photograph, e.g. driving license or passport along with proof of your current address, e.g. recent bank or credit card statement or utility bill.
  •  References are usually back within 72 hours and we will contact you to confirm the process has been completed.

Pay the balance of the deposit, admin fees and first months rent

  • You can pay by cash, or via a bank transfer. Allow up to 3 working days for transfers to clear before you receive the keys.


Sign your Tenancy Agreement

  • We will send you a draft Tenancy Contract to look over. Then we’ll invite you to our office to sign the contract and meet the rest of the team who are here to support and help you during your tenancy.

Your agreement will contain:

  • The length of time you have agreed to rent for
  • The amount of rent you pay and when
  • Your responsibilities in terms of bills and maintenance
  • Your landlords responsibility

Your rights as a tenant – click here to view


Our fees are generally lower, compared to most of our competitors