A closer look at Lettings

Lettings is a very skilled, demanding and rewarding job.  A persons home is one of the most important things they own and one of the most valuable. Where you live affects your mood, your standard of living, your relationships and in some cases affects your lifestyle.

Therefore, people are placing a great responsibility on us in order to let their property or find them a suitable property to live in.

We will focus on the key factors that you highlight to us and deem important. Whether your instructions are to let your property or to find you one.  We guarantee that we will  listen, we will take on board what you say and work in accordance to your instructions.

Unlike other lettings agents who have boasted of having numerous offices and global networks our team at Jenkins are hard working, dedicated and knowledgable. This enables our team to be quite proficient and effective.

Call Jenkins and see why your neighbour, your friend and your colleagues are choosing us.



Lettings team at Jenkins

Office number: 01604 452990
Email: admin@jenkinsestateagents.co.uk

Landlords we are ready to work with you and your portfolio.

Our Property Management service can be tailored to your needs. Call our office for more information or use our simple contact form here and a member of the team will be in touch.